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xxsweet_sorrow7 in dyson_kenzi

Multi-chaptered Prompts

I found my way to Dyson/Kenzi pairing or more like it found me. So I'll give people prompts to see if I can get people's creative juices running. Multi chaptered fics are great but optional. I would love if they were long because most Dyson/Kenzi fics are one shots.

Prompt 1: Kids

Dyson accidently get Kenzi pregnant. Hale and Bo are hurt by this but still are there for them. Everything is really up to you.

Prompt 2: Dyson secret feelings

Most of the Dyson/Kenzi I've read have Kenzi pinning for Dyson I really want to read the roles to be switch and for Dyson to pin for Kenzi. A jealous, overprotective, possessive Dyson is always welcomed as is a domestic Dyson.

Prompt 3: Bo/Dyson never happened.

In season one Dyson never dated Bo. They became friends instead. So Dyson and Kenzi slowly fell in love with each other.

Prompt 4: Stranded on an Island, Cabin, Cave, House ETC

Dyson and Kenzi stuck somewhere, alone. They only have each other to depend on until the others find them. They begin to talk and see how much in common they have.


I don't know that I could fill any of these myself (though never say never with my muse, lol ;) ) but I just wanted to say how much I LOVE these prompts and I would read the heck out of any of these stories! :D

Also, welcome! It's always awesome to meet new fans of this great pairing! :D ♥♥♥