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Ficlet: Sunflowers and Sunbeams - OneShot

Title: Sunflowers and Sunbeams
Author: Pendaren
Category: Lost Girl
Genre: Angst
Spoilers: Season 4.02
Summary: Missing Scene - Coda 4.02. Musings on unrequited love.
Pairing: Kale and Denzi/Kyson
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, not even in my wildest dreams; or so the men in the white coats with the colorful pills tell me.

Kenzi picked up the sunflowers and sniffed them. They don't smell flowery, after all sunflowers don't have a perfume-like fragrance, but the act is somehow instinctual. She inhales the earthy green sunbeam scent deeply and guilt racks her body.

Why did Hale have to fall for her and ruin their friendship? Now that he voiced his feelings she won't be able to pretend the longing in his eyes isn't there. She dreads seeing him again because she doesn't want to break his heart. She doesn't want to look into those eyes and tell him she's so desperately sorry. Pain and pity grip her as she closes her eyes.

Why do Cupid's arrows only affect one person? Kenzi asks herself. She knew Hale must be suffering and it was tearing her apart. Being in love with someone who doesn't return your feelings bites. She knew because she was suffering too.

She would never put voice to her own feelings though. She almost slipped up when talking to Mini Tamsin about not being as sexy as Bo; her body no where near HER perfection. She has ranted on about assuming love would be the Ultimate and realizing it hurts instead. She would never have the courage to make this rant to anyone who could actually read between the lines and understand her meaning.

She never wanted to see pity in HIS eyes. She would keep her trap shut and suffer in silence. After all she always has. As long as HE was safe, as long as HE was happy, as long as HE couldn't feel the same she was willing to ignore her heart. She would hold on to the excuses that the Fae wouldn't like or allow it, that HE was too old, that she was not HIS type. Whatever it took to keep him at arms length and not loose him as a friend.

Whatever it took to keep their friendship intact without breaking her heart into pieces.